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Bay Area's Forefront Storefront

 2509 Broadway in Oakland

Weekdays 10-7 | Saturdays 10-6 | Sundays 12-5

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folding, cargo & electric bikes

Looking for a way to get out of traffic? There's no healthier way than to get on a bike! At Bay Area Bikes' Forefront Storefront we are at the forefront of urban transportation. Our focus is on zero-emissions commuting; whether it's to work, to the store, taking the kids to school, picking up the mail. You'll find the largest selection of folding bikes in the Bay Area, along with cargo bikes and electric bikes and carefully selected accessories to complement each.

All our bikes are backed with a full manufacturer’s warranty and we provide free, preventative maintenance for one full year! We love and live bicycles and hope we can pass that passion on to you along with the information you seek to explore a change in your lifestyle. Come see us today!

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Ride bikes, carry stuff

While your trusty old commuter bike enables you to replace a car for the majority of trips you’ll take in a day, a cargo bike enables you to step up your game and leave the car at home for basically every local trip.

What will you carry on your cargo bike?  With the high quality bikes that we stock, you'll be limited by your own imagination, not the carrying capacity of your bike.
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Let the grins begin

The instant you start pedaling on one of these bikes, the motor kicks in and off you go! If it's been a while since you've been on a bike, if you dread getting to work sweaty but still want to commute by bike, or have a big hill to tackle, an electric bike may be for you.  We can even convert your bike to electric!

We know folding bikes

Better 'n anyone. We've been at it since we opened Bay Area Bikes 8 years ago.  With over 50 models we always have the largest selection, and a bike for every budget.

Our knowledgeable staff will de-mystify the folding bike for you; put you on several test rides and help you master proper folding techniques.

Our Cargo Bikes:

Xtracycle Ride Bikes, Carry Stuff TaglingYuba Cycles

Our Electric Bikes:

Stromer Swiss Electric Bikes CatalogXtracycle Ride Bikes, Carry Stuff TaglingYuba Cycles

Our Folding Bikes:

Brompton Folding Bikes