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We have fun working on bikes!  But we take our job seriously.  We know that you depend on your bike every day--heck, many of our customers don't even own a car! You bring your bike in to us for a tune-up or to fix your brakes or adjust your derailleur and we will do our best to get it back to you in the quickest time possible. We never sacrifice quality for speed and we stand behind our repairs 100%. 

Our focus is on keeping you safe on your bike.  If we find something on your bike that could jeopardize your safety, we will strongly urge you to get it corrected immediately.  We don't want to just fix your bike, sell you parts and get you in and out of the shop--we want to earn your trust as a lifelong customer.

While our turn-around runs about 3 days for tune-ups, we often get bikes out the same day for minor repairs.  Bring your bike in and our mechanic will check it over, giving you a solid time and dollar estimate.  We always call you if we run into something that exceeds our estimate.

Need a flat tire changed?  $15.00 for the tube, labor and tax. And typically in less than 15 minutes. 

Now's the time to get your bike ready for Spring and Summer.  Most folks bring their bikes to the shop for a tune-up once the weather gets nice, meaning longer queues for service and a slower turnaround.  Be clever, beat the throngs to the punch and get your bike tuned while the days are still a bit short and cool.  Full tune-ups start at just $80 and all service is done on a first-come, first-served basis.